2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalogue 
    Jan 28, 2022  
2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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PY 333 - Sensation and Perception

(3.00 cr.)

Examines the organization and processing of sensory information and the influence of emotion, learning, thinking, and other personal factors on human perception. Includes an in-depth analysis of the physiological structure and processing of physical energy by sensory organs, as well as the interactive relationship between the physiological structure of sensory organs, the sensation resulting from environmental stimulation, and the perception of an environmental event. Fulfills Group III requirement.

Prerequisite: BL 105  or BL 121 , PY 101 .
Restrictions: Restricted to majors.

Sessions Typically Offered: Varies
Years Typically Offered: Varies

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