2015-2016 Graduate Academic Catalogue 
    May 20, 2024  
2015-2016 Graduate Academic Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Computer Science, M.S.

Learning Aims

  • Students will be proficient problem-solvers using current computer science techniques (e.g., database systems, web programming, and network systems).
  • Students will be able to analyze and design high quality solutions to real problems using well-established principles of software engineering and be able to evaluate those solutions by rigorous means.
  • Students will understand the fundamental principles of computer science theory in support of becoming a lifelong learner ready to build and understand tomorrow's technologies.

Degree Requirements

The degree consists of 30 graduate credit hours, as follows:

Preparatory Courses

The preparatory courses must be taken, unless waived based on previous college experience. These courses do not count toward the 30 required credit hours. Unless otherwise noted, CS700-level courses have all three CS600-level courses as prerequisites.


Program of Study

As seen in the suggested course sequence below, CS 722  is the expected entry point for the program. Students interested in the networking track should take CS 730  as their first application elective, while students interested in the web programming track should take CS 712  as their first application elective. Students interested in taking only one course per semester complete the four courses of the first year in their first two years. An interactive webpage (www.cs.loyola.edu/grad-course-guide/index.html), which shows the expected offerings of the required and elective courses, is available to help plan a course of study.

Preparatory Year

First Year

Fall Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

  • Elective

Second Year

Spring Term

  • CS 7xx - Application Elective (if not taken in preparatory sequence)
  • Elective

* Students with limited background, but beyond that covered in the preparatory courses, should start with CS 700  the summer before taking CS 722 .