2015-2016 Graduate Academic Catalogue 
    Mar 03, 2024  
2015-2016 Graduate Academic Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Kodály Music Education, M.Ed.

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Purpose and Scope

The mission of the graduate program in Kodály Music Education is to meet the continuing educational needs of music educators by providing comprehensive graduate level teacher-training specializing in Kodály-based music education. The program applies the educational principles of the twentieth century Hungarian composer, ethnomusicologist, and educator, Zoltán Kodály (1882-1967). Deeply concerned about the quality of the musical training available to children and teachers in Hungary in the 1920s, he encouraged his colleagues and students to travel throughout Europe in search of the best models for teaching music. Their findings formed the basis for a comprehensive, child-developmental approach to music education that integrates the most effective and successful ideas, techniques, and tools for music instruction. Based on singing, it develops in students the ability to listen with understanding; perform with artistry; and read, write, improvise, and compose music. This approach is now known internationally as Kodály Music Education.

Requirements for Major

The program consists of coursework totaling 36 graduate credits and a research project to create a retrieval system of analyzed and categorized folk songs that support the Kodály curriculum. Coursework is divided into four levels with candidates completing nine (9) credits per level: three levels (27 credits) of music education and musicianship courses that confer Kodály certification, and a fourth level (9 credits) of education core courses designed to broaden the student's knowledge of research and trends in the field of education, as follows:


This program is offered in a multi-summer format only. Level I, II, and III courses run for three weeks during the month of July. Education core courses for Level IV students vary in length and run for a total of three or four weeks, depending upon faculty availability. Students generally complete their four levels during four consecutive summers. Based on a proficiency test, some students are required to complete a Pre- Level I course called Solfa Fundamentals (KM 590 ) to prepare them for Solfa I. This course runs during the week immediately preceding the M.Ed. courses. Solfa Fundamentals is a preparatory course and is not counted among the 36 credits required to complete the degree.

The Kodály program requires an orientation weekend, a full schedule of classes during the day, Friday evening classes and activities, and several hours of practice and homework in the evenings and on the weekends. It is essential that students clear their schedules of other activities while participating in the summer institute. Candidates will submit video recordings of their teaching that demonstrate application of Kodály pedagogy; create teaching strategies and lesson plans for each grade level; and produce a retrieval system of songs for teaching that is both research-based and of continuing practical value in the classroom.

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