2022-2023 Undergraduate Academic Catalogue 
    Jul 24, 2024  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Academic Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Honors Program

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Co-Directors: Gayla McGlamery, Associate Professor of English; Joseph Walsh, Professor of Classics
Assistant Director: Andrew Ross, Assistant Professor of History
Program Assistant: Bess Garret
Office: Humanities Center, Room 231b
Telephone: 410‑617‑2617
Website: www.loyola.edu/academics/honors-program

The Honors Program offers students a fully integrated program of study that corresponds to the University's core curriculum and is both multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary. The Honors curriculum accomplishes the goals and learning aims of the regular University core, but does so through an alternate path that is designed to be flexible and to accommodate the requirements of all majors across the University.

Honors students major in a wide variety of disciplines, ranging across the arts and sciences, education, and business. Honors courses cover all of the academic divisions within arts and sciences: humanities, fine arts, natural sciences, and social sciences. Honors courses are small and are conducted as seminars. They not only require substantial student involvement and participation, but also present an exciting and challenging course of study.

The Honors Program also gives students and faculty the opportunity to attend a variety of cultural events, both on campus and off. Some of these are scheduled as a regular part of the curriculum, while others, although not tied to a particular class, offer students the chance to further enrich their education.

Learning Aims

Intellectual Rigor

  • The ability to evaluate a claim, analyze a problem, and make sound judgments based on evidence
  • The ability to understand and employ the scientific method
  • The ability to use mathematical concepts and procedures competently and to evaluate claims made in numeric terms
  • A broad grounding in the liberal arts and sciences
  • Excellence in a discipline or combination of disciplines

A Sense of the Timeless and the Timely

  • An understanding of the interconnectedness of all knowledge
  • Appreciation for intellectual endeavor and the life of the mind
  • The ability to connect the endeavors and events of the past with current events and future action

Eloquentia Perfecta

  • The ability to use speech and writing effectively, logically, gracefully, persuasively, and responsibly
  • Competence in a language other than one's own


  • An appreciation of beauty, both natural and human-made
  • A cultivated response to the arts, including the ability to express oneself about aesthetic experience


  • The use of knowledge to improve understanding and effect positive change
  • The development of intellectual curiosity, honesty, humility, and persistence
  • A lifelong love of learning


  • A habit of reflecting on one's intellectual and moral journey, the practice of discernment
  • The practice of reading and rereading
  • Thoughtfulness and intentionality about the appropriate use of leisure time

Intellectual Independence

  • Begin to establish ownership of one's own advanced scholarship
  • Begin to establish a personal library of books and readings to take through one's life

Intellectual Fellowship

  • The formation of intellectual friendships with students and faculty
  • The development of a four-year mentoring relationship with a faculty member

Jesuit Faith and Mission

  • An understanding of the mission of the Catholic university as an institution dedicated to exploring the intersection of faith and reason
  • An understanding of the history and mission of the Society of Jesus
  • A habit of reflection
  • An appreciation of and concern about the great moral issues of our time




      Honors Program

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