2018-2019 Undergraduate Academic Catalogue 
    May 29, 2024  
2018-2019 Undergraduate Academic Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

German, B.A.

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Requirements for French, German, or Spanish Majors

Requirements for a major in French, German, or Spanish and an example of a typical program of courses are as follows:

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

Spring Term

  • FR 316 - Exploring the Text or
  • or
  • SN 300-310 Hispanic Civilization Course*
  • FR/GR/SN 200-Level Course*
  • PL 200-Level Philosophical Perspectives Course
  • Fine Arts Core
  • Math/Science Core

Junior Year

Fall Term

Spring Term

Senior Year

Fall Term

  • FR/GR/SN 300-Level Course*
  • Departmental Elective*
  • Departmental Elective*
  • Elective
  • Elective

Spring Term

  • FR/GR/SN 200-Level Course or
  • FR/GR/SN 300-Level Course**
  • Departmental Elective*
  • Nondepartmental Elective
  • Elective
  • Elective


* Required for major.
** Majors need a minimum of three 200-level courses and six 300-level courses.


  1. Intermediate Language II (104 or 162) or an appropriate score on the University's placement test is a prerequisite for all courses numbered 200 or higher (except ML courses, which are taught in English). Unless otherwise noted in the course description or waived by the chair in consultation with the instructor, FR 201 /GR 201 /SN 201  is the prerequisite for all courses numbered 202 or higher.
  2. General Requirements for Majors: Twelve courses above the intermediate level (104 or 162) are required for majors in French, German, and Spanish. Two courses with an ML prefix can count toward the major. Except for ML courses, students should take 200-level courses before 300-level courses. Students are advised to take their 200-level courses before going abroad. Some programs in Spanish require students to have completed SN 201  and SN 203  or SN 217  prior to studying abroad. Although majors are offered only in French, German, and Spanish, some courses offered in Chinese and Italian can count toward the Major in Comparative Cultures and Literary Studies.

    Majors and minors should take Composition and Conversation (FR 201 /GR 201 /SN 201 ) in the freshman or sophomore year. First-year students can take the 201 course (or above) in the appropriate language if they have achieved a satisfactory score on the Language Placement Test. Majors should consult the department chair about the effect of the placement test score on an individual's academic program.

    For interdisciplinary majors (split majors) involving a modern language, a minor in the modern language is required.

    Interdisciplinary (ML) courses are taught in English. They are open to nonmajors but do fulfill departmental major and minor elective requirements.
  3. Specific Requirements for Majors:

French majors should take FR 201  and FR316. Students may take up to three 200-level courses. French majors should take a minimum of six courses at the 300-level, at least two of which are literature courses.

German majors should take GR 201  and two additional 200-level courses. German majors should take a minimum of six courses at the 300-level, at least two of which are culture courses (GR 301-GR 309). Within the classic German major, students can select an area studies concentration. Requirements are five 200-level courses; any three courses from GR 301-GR 309; one ML course (any level); and three 300-level courses, of which no more than two can be chosen from among relevant courses in other departments (written approval of a German Area Studies Steering Committee member required).

Spanish majors must take SN 201  and either SN 203  or SN 217 . Spanish majors should take a minimum of six courses at the 300-level, at least two of which are culture courses (SN 301-310) and four of which are literature and linguistics courses (SN 320  or above).

  1. Sophomores should take two departmental courses in both the fall and spring terms.
  2. All language majors are encouraged to spend a semester, junior year, or a summer abroad. Students who major in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures and study abroad must take half of their course requirements for the major at Loyola. Upon their return from study abroad, all students with a Major in French, German, or Spanish must take one 300-level course in the language of their major at Loyola.
  3. All language majors are encouraged to explore another period or area such as business, economics, Gender Studies, history, or political science. They should take as many free electives as possible in that area to broaden their knowledge in the culture and society of their target area and to enhance their employment possibilities.
  4. Students must complete the diversity core requirement through a designated diversity core, major, or elective course (see Diversity Core Requirement  under Curriculum and Policies).

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