2022-2023 Undergraduate Academic Catalogue 
    Jun 02, 2023  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Academic Catalogue

Gender and Sexuality Studies Minor

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Contact: Amanda Konradi, Associate Professor of Sociology
Office: Fernandez Center, Room 250
Telephone: 410‑617‑5401
Website: www.loyola.edu/academics/gender-sexuality-studies

The Gender and Sexuality Studies minor is an interdisciplinary group of courses anchored by a shared commitment to the study of how gender and sexuality shapes our world and our individual experiences. Students take courses in multiple disciplines to build a program of study that fits within their major and complements their interests and strengths.

The Gender and Sexuality Studies minor provides students with skills necessary to understand the relationship between gender and sexuality and their social world. The minor helps students of all genders and sexualities identify connections between their experiences and the experiences of others throughout history, and across racial/ethnic, economic, and cultural contexts. Students who complete the minor graduate with a greater sense of how sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and other forms of oppression intersect with their major interests. As such, the minor complements major study in all academic areas (business, education, engineering, humanities, mathematics, natural sciences, and social sciences) and serves students who go on to work with people, ideas, media, policy, and technology. Students can take courses in a wide range of departments to build a minor that fits with their interests and strengths. Course topics include Gender, Culture, and Madness; Women in the Christian Tradition; Psychology of Gender; Sociology of Race, Class, and Gender; Queer Theatre and Film; Gender, Human Rights and Conflict; Global Histories of Sexuality; Philosophy and Feminism, among others. Many are diversity courses and some fulfill the core. Courses are also available through study abroad. Honors may be earned in the minor.

Gender and sexuality studies courses are helpful to careers and graduate work in law, writing and communications, public policy, non-profit organizations, education, government, and service-oriented professions. The minor also complements and deepens the student's academic major by adding a crucial dimension of the human experience, and attention to diversity and social justice.

Requirements for the Minor

The requirements for the Minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies are the successful completion of the following:


No more than two of the four electives may come from the same department. Also, no more than two of the electives may be at the 100-level.

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