2022-2023 Undergraduate Academic Catalogue 
    Feb 22, 2024  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Academic Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Comparative Culture and Literary Studies (CCLS), BA

General Information

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The CCLS major is an interdisciplinary program which includes a strong world language emphasis. The major adopts a global perspective and establishes broader connections and contrasts across nations, cultures, languages, and ethnic groups. The comparative focus of the major benefits not only CCLS majors and minors, but all students interested in the world heritage of which we are part. The CCLS major also encourages acquisition of a second or third world language, chosen from course offerings in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin, or Spanish. Because of its broad humanistic base and strong interdisciplinary focus, this major is in conformity with the objectives of the University to prepare students "to learn, lead, and serve in a diverse and changing world."

CCLS majors specialize in the comparative study of diverse cultures and literatures and acquire advanced-level reading and communication skills in at least one world language. Students who are interested in pursuing study of a second world language may also pursue that route. The expected learning outcomes for CCLS majors are a high degree of multicultural awareness; acquisition of effective communication and reading skills one or more world languages; and the development and acquisition of strong critical and analytical skills through the process of comparison. To ensure achievement of these goals, student assessment is conducted through examinations, presentations, papers, and special projects. A three-credit capstone project (taken as a private study) is required for CCLS majors in their senior year. The capstone advisor, in consultation with two members of the CCLS Steering Committee, critiques and grades the paper to ensure proper coherence with the individual student's program.

All CCLS students must plan their program in consultation with the CCLS director. Students are encouraged to participate in a study abroad program if possible. Usually, four courses for the major and two for the minor may be taken abroad. Students also are encouraged to minor in another modern or classical language or in another discipline to complement the CCLS major. CCLS students may double count only two courses from another major or minor as part of their CCLS major.

Requirements for the Major

The 12 courses required for the major are as follows:

  • Topics in Comparative Culture and Literary Studies (ML 307 ) or Introduction to Comparative Literature (ML 308 ).
  • Option One
    • Two 200-level language courses in AB, CI, FR, GR, IT, PO, or SN.
    • Five 300-level courses in CI, FR, GK, GR, IT, LT, ML, or SN.
  • Option Two​
    • Four 200-level language courses in AB, CI, FR, GR, IT, PO, or SN.
    • Three 300-level courses in CI, FR, GK, LT, ML, or SN
  • Four courses from participating disciplines in AH, CL, EN, HS, PL, and TH.
  • CCLS Capstone Research Paper (ML 402 )