2023-2024 Graduate Academic Catalogue 
    May 18, 2024  
2023-2024 Graduate Academic Catalogue

The Joseph A. Sellinger, S.J., School of Business and Management

Dean: Mary Ann Scully
Office: Sellinger Hall, Room 101
Telephone: 410‑617‑2301
Website: www.loyola.edu/sellinger

Associate Dean: Hung-bin Ding, Professor of Management and Organizations
Office: Sellinger Hall, Room 101
Telephone: 410-617-5525

Associate Dean: Irem Demirkan, Associate Professor of Management and Organizations
Office: Sellinger Hall, Room 101
Telephone: 410-617-2395

Assistant Dean: Susan A. Hasler
Office: Timonium Campus, Room 08; Sellinger Hall, Room 101
Telephone: 410-617-5067


The Sellinger School of Business and Management educates students to become leaders in the Baltimore business community and beyond. Our Jesuit business programs are characterized by purposeful teaching, scholarship with impact, meaningful community engagement, and care for the whole person.


Loyola was founded in Baltimore in 1852 by the Society of Jesus and was instilled with its core values: excellence in all things and cura personalis. Business education at Loyola began with undergraduate courses being offered in 1943. Loyola initiated its Master of Business Administration (MBA) program in 1967. The full-time Emerging Leaders MBA was introduced in 2010. In Fall 2014, Loyola started a specialized Master of Accounting (MAcc). The full-time program is designed for those with an undergraduate degree in accounting (or equivalent accounting coursework) who are seeking the 30 additional credits required to obtain licensure as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). All of these programs are instrumental in contributing to Loyola's long history of excellence.

In 1980, the School of Business was formed as a separate entity, being named the Joseph A. Sellinger, S.J., School of Business and Management in 1984. The Sellinger School Board of Sponsors was formed in 1981 and continues as an ongoing consultative group supporting the quality of the school. By 1990, Loyola had achieved accreditation by AACSB International - The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business in its undergraduate, graduate, and accounting programs and had established a chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma, the business student honor society. The Sellinger School enjoys its reputation as the business school of choice in the Baltimore metropolitan area.

Educational Objectives

The Sellinger School's educational objectives are captured in the following learning goals:

  • Effective Communication: lead an organization with the ability to focus on mission through involvement and empowerment of others, effective teamwork, commitment to quality of process and outcome, the ability to thrive in an environment of multidimensional diversity, effective communication, and the ability to compete and move the organization forward in a competitive environment;
  • Analytical and Critical Thinking: make business decisions with complex, strategic approaches using the ability to garner information from data and colleagues, analytical capability, control of decision support tools, and the ability to make reasoned judgments;
  • Knowledge and Integration of Functional Area Content: integrate the functional areas of business for strategic, long-term planning, decision making under conditions of certainty and uncertainty, short-term planning and implementation, and organizational process and control;
  • Ethical Leadership: lead responsibly with developed personal ethics and a sense of justice, a balanced view of opportunity and responsibility, and an awareness of the legal and regulatory environment;
  • Global Awareness: extend a business into the global marketplace through awareness of the dominance of global competitive forces, the appreciation of worldwide opportunities, understanding of the complexity of functioning in the international arena, preparedness for participation in the international arena, and awareness of political and social environments.
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: articulate the benefits of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) in the workplace and society and to identify structural and institutional barriers to DEI and identify ways that businesses can alleviate them.


Loyola's graduate programs in business and management provide theoretical and applied education in the analytical and functional skills necessary for success in business. In-depth knowledge in many fields is available in the Professional's MBA, Emerging Leaders MBA, and MAcc programs. The Joseph A. Sellinger, S.J., School of Business and Management is accredited by AACSB International - The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Under the guidelines of AACSB International, the Sellinger School is committed to the concept and practice of "continuous improvement" of all of its academic programs. Therefore, for the most up-to-date information on courses and programs, contact the Office of Graduate Business Programs, 410‑617‑5067.


The faculty of the Sellinger School and their representative departments are as follows:


Office: Sellinger Hall, Room 318
Telephone: 410‑617‑6772

Chair: John Peter Krahel, Professor

Professors: John Peter Krahel; Alfred R. Michenzi (emeritus); Jalal Soroosh; Bobby Waldrup
Associate Professors: Kermit O. Keeling (emeritus); Ali M. Sedaghat (emeritus); Hong Zhu
Assistant Professors: Robbie Bishop-Monroe; Stacy Chavez; E. Barry Rice (emeritus)
Executive-In-Residence: Michael Bender
Affiliate Faculty: Theresa A. Brillant; Walter B. Doggett III


Office: Sellinger Hall, Room 418
Telephone: 410‑617‑2357

Chair: Jeremy Schwartz, Professor

Professors: John D. Burger; Frederick W. Derrick (emeritus); John C. Larson (emeritus); Fabio Mendez; Andrew Samuel; Jeremy Schwartz; Charles E. Scott (emeritus); Norman H. Sedgley; Stephen J. K. Walters (emeritus)
Associate Professors: Arleigh T. Bell, Jr. (emeritus); Francis G. Hilton, (emeritus); Nune Hovhannisyan; John M. Jordan (emeritus); Kerria M. Tan; Nancy Williams (emerita)
Assistant Professors: John Dougherty; Kadidiatou Doucoure
Teaching Assistant Professors: Billur Cohen; Thomas Lyons


Office: Sellinger Hall, Room 318
Telephone: 410‑617‑6772

Chair: Frank P. D'Souza, Professor

Professors: Tugsjargal Chuluun; Frank P. D'Souza; Lisa M. Fairchild; Harold D. Fletcher (emeritus); Karyl B. Leggio; Walter J. Reinhart; Yoon Shin; Thomas A. Ulrich (emeritus)
Executive-in-Residence: Linda Barlett; Scott Emge
Affiliate Faculty: David Bonnichsen; Scott Gromacki; Jeffrey Schollaert; Carlyle A. Schrouter; Douglas J. Young

Information Systems, Law, and Operations

Office: Sellinger Hall, Room 318
Telephone: 410‑617‑6772

Chair: Paul Tallon, Professor

Professors: Nan S. Ellis (emerita); Andrea Giampetro-Meyer; John A. Gray (emeritus); Ellen D. Hoadley (emerita); Elizabeth J. Kennedy; Charles R. Margenthaler (emeritus); Gloria Phillips-Wren; Ravi Srinivasan; Phoebe C. Sharkey (emerita); Leroy F. Simmons (emeritus); Paul Tallon
Associate Professors: Jay R. Brown; Timothy Brown, S.J.; Theresa Jefferson;  A. Kimbrough Sherman (emeritus); Laurette P. Simmons (emeritus); George M. Wright (emeritus)
Assistant Professors: Jake London, Dobin Yim
Teaching Assistant Professor: Pratima Kshetry
Affiliate Faculty: William Finegan; Salvatore Lenzo; Shelley Bliss McGarry; Jerome (Jay) Russell

Management and Organizations

Office: Sellinger Hall, Room 418
Telephone: 410‑617‑2357

Chair: Irem Demirkan, Associate Professor

Professors: Jeffrey Cummings; Hung-bin Ding; Roger J. Kashlak (emeritus); Peter Lorenzi (emeritus); Anthony J. Mento (emeritus); Tagi Sagafi-nejad (emeritus)
Associate Professors: Irem Demirkan; Christy DeVader; Paul C. Ergler (emeritus); John Michel
Assistant Professor: Jinyoung Kang
Executive-in-Residence: Mark Hubbard; Dave Luvison
Teaching Assistant Professor: Astrid Schmidt-King


Office: Sellinger Hall, Room 418
Telephone: 410‑617‑2357

Chair: Guangzhi (Terry) Zhao, Associate Professor

Professors: Gerard A. Athaide; Richard Klink; Jason Qiyu Zhang
Associate Professors: Rebecca Trump; Marie A. Yeh; Guangzhi (Terry) Zhao
Executive-in-Residence: Auburn Bell; Adam Peake
Affiliate Faculty: Gregory Corrigan; Hope Corrigan; Bradley Fountain; David Grossman; Kimberly Hart; Brian Hatcher;