2017-2018 Undergraduate Academic Catalogue 
    Dec 04, 2022  
2017-2018 Undergraduate Academic Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Secondary Education Minor

A minor in Secondary Education allows students from other disciplines to complete degree requirements for their major while taking the education courses required for certification.  Secondary education certification programs focusing on grades 7-12 are offered in biology, chemistry, earth/space science, English, mathematics, physics, and social studies.  Secondary education certification programs focusing on grades PK-12 are offered in art, French, German, Spanish, and music (both instrumental and vocal).

Undergraduate students interested in pursuing the minor must schedule an appointment to meet with the secondary education minor advisor before declaring the minor.

Requirements for the Minor

The School of Education offers students majoring in certain academic disciplines the opportunity to undertake the coursework needed to become certified to teach on the secondary level in Maryland. The Minor in Secondary Education requires the coursework below, regardless of major:


Before deciding on electives, students who wish to minor in education should contact the advisor of secondary education. Specific elective courses may be required to meet certification requirements in certain content areas.