2022-2023 Undergraduate Academic Catalogue 
    Mar 25, 2023  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Academic Catalogue

Computer Science, BS

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Typical Program

An example of a typical program of courses are as follows:

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

Fall Term

Spring Term

Senior Year

Fall Term

Spring Term


* Required for major.
** May only be taken by those with a double major in Mathematics or Statistics.
*** Other major-level science courses may be substituted with permission of the chair.
**** Courses that qualify for the Natural Science elective are BL 118 , BL 201 , CH 101 , and PH 202 .
***** Courses that qualify for the MA/ST elective are MA 252 , MA 427 , MA 445 , MA 447 , MA 448 , MA 481 , MA 485 , and ST 465 .


  1. All electives must be at least three credits.
  2. All science courses must be majors-level courses emphasizing quantitative and/or experimental methods in a physical or biological science and not a primarily computational, mathematical, or engineering design course. Majors-level courses can be identified by the fact that they satisfy a major requirement for biology, chemistry, or physics. BL 118 /BL 119 BL 121 /BL 126 CH 101 /CH 105 CH 102 /CH 106 , and PH 202 /PH 292  meet this requirement.
  3. The degree may be accomplished in 38 courses due to the associated labs counting toward 120 credits. Although students have flexibility on when to take their 2 semesters that are four 3-credit courses, we recommend that at least one of these semesters aligns with when the student takes physics. Ideally the second semester will be one in which the student is taking courses with labs, particularly in the first two years.
  4. CS 403  is recommended for computer science and data science double majors instead of DS 303 

Computer Programming Department Certificate

A department certificate in computer programming is awarded to students who successfully complete CS 151 CS 212 , and CS 312 .  To request a programming certificate, contact the department's administrative assistant.

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